Armenian String Cheese

A cow’s milk string cheese produced in New York.  This is the best string cheese you will ever taste.  Just a hint of flavor from the black nigella seeds that are added to the braid.  Has a lovely texture with a buttery flavor.

Wine Pairing: buttery Chardonnay

Blueberry Stilton

A flavored stilton produced in England.  The cheese has a crumbly texture and a buttery flavor with a nice tang from the blueberries. Great for dessert cheese.

Food Pairing: cheesecake, pancakes, cupcakes, salads

Wine/Beer Pairing: Tawny Port, medium white wines, Champagne, fruity ale

Lemon Stilton (carry in summer) 

A white stilton flavored with lemon, made in England.  This cheese combines the mildness of white stilton with the tangy zest of lemon peel. 

Food Pairing:  with fish, on salad

Wine/Beer Pairing: semi-dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, pale ale

Mango Ginger Stilton

A flavored stilton produced in England.  This cheese has a crumbly texture with a sweet and refreshing flavor from the mango and spicy crystalized ginger bites.  Great dessert cheese.

Food Pairing: ginger biscuits, salads, pears, walnuts

Wine/Beer Pairing: Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, fruity ale

Cranberry Wensleydale 

A flavored Wensleydale cheese made in England.   It has a clean, mild, slightly sweet flavor with a honeyed aftertaste. The superb texture of fresh Wensleydale is perfectly complemented by the addition of all natural cranberries. The only true Wensleydale cheese in the world comes from the milk drawn from cows that graze the sweet limestone pastures on farms in Upper Wensleydale, England.

Food Pairing: salad, banana or apple bread

Wine/Beer Pairing: champagne, port, fruity ale

Blueberry Vanilla Chevre

A soft goat milk chevre made in Wisconsin.   It has a layer of vanilla-tinged blueberries wrapped around fluffy chevre, creating a dessert-like delight.

Food Pairing: Lemon Cookie Brittles!

Wine Pairing: Champagne, Riesling

Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Chevre

A soft fresh goat chevre made in Wisconsin.  It is flavored lightly with cinnamon and rolled in dried cranberries.  An excellent dessert cheese or addition to a salad.

Food Pairing:  Almond Cookie Brittles!

Wine Pairing:  Champagne, Pinot Grigio, Semi-Dry Riesling


A variation of Double Gloucester with onion and chives added for flavor made in England.  Has a golden yellow to orange color and is a semi hard cheese.  This cheese has a creamy, buttery flavor but milder than cheddar.  

Food Pairing:  great to top burgers and eating with beer

Wine/Beer Pairing: robust red wines (Zinfandel or Shiraz) and light or dark ales

Gouda with Basil and Garlic

A flavored gouda cheese made in Holland. This creamy smooth cheese has been delicately seasoned with basil and garlic. The slightly higher fat content gives the cheese a richer flavor and creamier texture.

Food Pairing: bagels, sandwiches, omelets, mac n’ cheese

Wine / Pairing Beer: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, bear, stout, pale ale

Harlech (Horseradish) 

A flavored cheddar style pasteurized cow’s milk cheese made in England.  The mild cheddar is flavored with horseradish and parsley.  The texture of Harlech is smooth and creamy with a peppery, fresh and zingy flavor of horseradish and parsley.

Food Pairing:  omelet, sandwiches, roast beef or enjoy it with apples and crusty bread

Wine/Beer Pairing:  Burgundy, Zinfandel, Rioja, Chianti, hearty ales

Havarti with Herbs & Spices

A flavored Havarti cheese from Denmark.  It is a creamy, mild cheese with a tangy mix of herbs and spices; including paprika, onion and dill.  As it matures, the taste develops more character.

Food Pairing: melted over vegetables, bread, sandwiches

Wine/Beer Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, pilsner, stout

Brun-Uusto with Garlic

A baked ‘bread’ cheese made in Wisconsin.  Baked to perfection, this cheese is to be served warm to enjoy the soft, buttery flavor.

Food Pairing: Savory Crackers, Crusty Artisan Bread, Olives, Dried Fruit

Wine/Beer Pairing: Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, IPA, Pilsner


A goat/cow milk blend cheese from Norway.  The Norwegian’s refer to it as brown or ski cheese.  The milk is heated slowly and the natural milk sugars caramelize giving this cheese a sweet caramel flavor.  Great paired with apples!

Le Roule

A hand rolled flavored cheese log made in France.  This cow’s milk cheese is flavored with fresh herbs and minced garlic and is creamy and smooth.  Perfect addition to a cheese plate.

Food Pairing: spread on toast or crackers, mashed potatoes, risotto, pasta

Wine/Beer Pairing:  Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, wheat beer, ale

Red Dragon 

A semi-soft Welsh cheddar produced in England.  This flavored cheddar is blended with Welsh Brown ale and mustard seeds.  It has a buttery texture with a bit of spice from the mustard seeds.

Food Pairings: melted on bread, use in sauces, with chicken or pork

Wine/Beer Pairings: Shiraz, dark ale

Rosemary Asiago 

An asiago cheese hand rubbed with rosemary and Italian olive oil, produced in Wisconsin.  It has a taste of Parmesan mixed with aged cheddar which complement the rich, nutty and fruity flavor of asiago.

Food Pairing: crackers, nuts, olives, dried fruit, soup, salads, pasta

Wine/Beer Pairing: Chardonnay, Chianti, Sherry, pale ale, porter

Espresso BellaVitano

A flavored cow’s milk cheese made in Wisconsin.  This cheese is rubbed with fresh roasted Italian espresso beans and then aged.  The sweet, slightly smoky, roasted flavors of an espresso coffee complements the creamy and sweet cheese.

Food Pairing: dried fruit & nuts, dark chocolate

Wine Pairing:  Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot

Merlot BellaVitano

A cow’s milk cheese produced in Wisconsin.  This cheese is a cross between cheddar and Parmigiano.  It is soaked in Merlot wine to give it berry and plum notes. 

Food Pairing: dried fruit & nuts, crusty bread

Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir, Merlot

Sriracha Cheddar

A vintage cheddar blend produced in England.  This cheese is flavored with Sriracha giving it a nice sweet heat that isn’t too much for your palate to handle. 

Food Pairing: tacos, nachos, sandwich or grilled cheese

Wine Pairing:  Riesling

Habanero Ghost Pepper Jack

A monterey jack cheese flavored with one of the hottest peppers in the world produced in Wisconsin.  This cheese is flavored with both habanero and ghost peppers to pack a punch.  This is a great melting cheese.

Food Pairing:  burgers, hot dogs, chili, mac n’ cheese, nachos

Wine/Beer Pairing:  Zinfandel, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, IPA, lager, pilsner, amber ale


A medium aged cheddar infused with premium gold tequila and habanero peppers. The warmth and sweetness of the tequila open your palate to the smooth and creamy cheddar. And just when you are wondering where the Habaneros are, the heat bursts forth for an unforgettable finish. Watch out — this cheese just might bite you back!

Food Pairing:  melted in eggs, atop a burger