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Fromager D’Affinois

A brie cheese produced in France’s Rhone Alps.  This is a double cream brie that goes through ultra-filtration which gives it a more luscious texture and a higher protein and calcium content.  This cheese has a smooth, creamy texture with tastes of fresh butter and earthy mushroom.

Food Pairing: apples, grapes, walnuts, fig spread, crusty bread

Wine/Beer Pairing: Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Riesling, stout, porter

Saint Angel

A triple cream brie type cheese produced in France.  It has a fluffy white rind and is rich and creamy below the rind.  This cheese has a buttery, earthy taste with a strong tang.  

Food Pairing:  bacon, green apples, grapes, crusty bread, raspberry preserves

Wine/Beer Pairing:  Champagne, Cava, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, pale/Belgian Ales

Delice De Bourgogne

A classic triple cream brie made in France made from cow’s milk and crème fraiche.  This cheese has a rich flavor and a smooth melt in your mouth texture with a flavor of mushrooms, butter and a tang.

Food Pairing: crusty bread, meyer lemon or blood orange marmalade, walnuts

Wine/Beer Pairing: Champagne, Pinot Noir, sparkling wines, ciders, wheat beers

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